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Design And Simulation Of Cathodic Protection System Service Using Beasy Softwave

Beasy software  -computer modelling provides the tools to design and simulate cathodic protection system (both sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems). The Beasy software can be modelled in applications such as:

  • Marine and offshore engineering
  • Naval & Merchant Vessels
  • Underground facilities
  • Onshore and offshore pipelines

Beasy software advantages:

  • Easy visualisation of protection potentials and identification of problem areas.
  • Clear visualisation of the design and of the protection provided over the life of the structure.
  • Easy simulation and identification the root causes of anomalies in survey data.
  • Ability to improve the timing and quality of your inspection and maintenance programs.
  • Ability to predict the service life of sacrificial anodes and the optimum location of ICCP anodes and reference electrodes.

Human resource

Engineers at CTAT are certified by NACE and  Beasy for survey, design, and modelling of cathodic protection system. 

04 - NACE certifications of Cathodic protection;

05 - BEASY certifications of Modeling and Simulationofcathodicprotection.

Typical applications include:

·         Validation of cathodic protection designs to determine protection potentials provided by the system, anode consumption rates, and service life.

·         Optimisation of designs by varying parameters such as anode location, reference electrode location and number of anodes, thus reducing cost of design and installation particularly for retrofits and life extensions.

·         Investigations of interferece effects caused by nearby cathodic protection systems, electrical sources, docks, pipelines or other metallic structures.

·         Assessment of different operating environments on the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system.


·         Evaluation of the performance of the cathodic protection system under various damage scenarios.

·         Evaluation of electrical connections/isolations and attenuations on cathodic protection system performance.

Distribution of protectionpotential on  jacket for oil rigprotected by sacrificial anodes